Friday, January 29, 2010

Cozy Days

Woke up this morning to our second snow of the year. Jase stayed in and worked from home. It's so very wonderful to not have to worry about him being forced to go to work in icky weather. I remember last winter when I would spend the day worrying myself literally sick, knowing that he was out in the slick nasty weather trying to make his way to and from Chase to keep from losing his bonus pay. It's such a relief to not have to deal with that anymore. The snow came down pretty steadily all day long. I took this pic around 5:00 pm and it's been snowing ever since. It's supposed to keep snowing all night. We're under a winter weather warning until about midnight and the total snow accumulation is supposed to be around 4-6 inches.

It was super cozy to spend all day inside. I'm honestly not sure where my day went. I didn't seem to get much done and yet the day seemed to fly by so fast. I spent my morning napping on the couch and then putting off doing the dishes and instead made some major progress on my current puzzle. It's 1000 pieces and probably one of the hardest I've done yet. It's so close to being done and it's bugging me. Every time I walk by I have to stop and try to get a few pieces in place. That's probly part of the reason why I still have a pile of laundry in the living room that has yet to be folded and a mess in the kitchen from dinner. Oh well. :)

The beautiful red roses that Jase brought home for me on Monday. :)

For dinner I made baked potato soup. While it was cooking I decided that the day called for some yummy muffins too. 30 min later I pulled out these warm apple cinnamon muffins topped with a crunchy brown sugar and cinnamon mix.

Well, my puzzle is calling me. Maybe I'll finish it tonight so that I can begin my next project.

Goodnight all,


Monday, January 25, 2010

So the vehicle troubles never seem to end. We finally got our van licensed after a month of hassles, and on the way home I told Jase, " Watch it fall apart now that it's legal."

I should've kept my mouth shut. Jase barely made it home Thursday evening, and then didn't make it out of the parking lot Friday morning. He coasted it into a parking space and there it sits. So we started scouting around and made some phone calls. The next day mom and dad made a trip over to bring us their extra car to use for a month or two. We were planning on spending our next bonus check on a cheap vehicle to make do until we could save up for something more reliable. But mom and dad's sweet offer to loan us their car is going to give us a month's head start on that plan. It's such a blessing.

I think I'm going to order pizza tonight for dinner. I always feel guilty about 'throwing' money away like that but today I'm totally willing. There is only one day out of every month, that I hate being female. Today would be that day. 'Nough said. I've been absolutely worthless today. I still even have dishes piled on the counter from yesterday morning's brunch with mom and dad. Oh, well.

One day last week I broke down and gave into my craving for sugar cookies. I found an awesome icing glaze that hardens and is pretty tasty too. I bookmarked it and have plans for it in the near future.

I found this snowman cookie idea while picking out recipes to make this last christmas. I never got a chance to make them so I just had to try a few. These turned out abominably ugly, but I wasn't surprised considering that I'm completely out of christmasy baking supplies to make them cute. But at least I now have an idea how to make them, and I'll hopefully turn out a cuter batch when my pantry is better stocked.

My Beloved just walked through the door bearing gifts. Thermacare heatwraps (for the above mentioned misery), Reese's hearts, a dozen gorgeous red roses and a backgammon set that I've been wanting for a while. He's so wonderful. Time to settle in for a nice cozy evening with my man, pizza, chocolate, soda and backgammon. The day just got about ten times better. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010


So...'tis Monday. Actually...'tis about three Mondays after the Monday that I intended to pick up blogging again. I'm so very bad at keeping a consistent blog. I sometimes wonder why I even try, and yet there's always something (or someone) that brings me back, time and again. This time it was a friendly post on my facebook wall from a friend wondering if I had given up, that inspired me to promise an update soon. It's always nice to be reminded from time to time that someone does actually read my blog and misses it when I'm negligent. So Alyssa...thanks. :)

I hate new year's resolutions. Mainly because any resolution I make usually ends up in an epic fail. So I make goals instead. That way when I do fail, it doesn't seem so drastic. 'Cuz it wasn't actually a resolution...just a goal. Lol.

So far I've had a pretty decent start on my goal of eating healthier and getting rid of the weight that slowly crept back after my wedding. I absolutely refuse to weigh what I weighed last summer. Refuse. Since New Year's day I've lost about four pounds. Excercising on the other hand, hasn't started yet. I did one session of T-tapp last week and that's about it. I meant to start today, but once again, life interfered. Instead I spent my day cleaning house. I must say I'm quite happy with today's accomplishments. They are as follows:

- picked up everything off of the floors in the entire apartment except for furniture in preparation for vacuuming...

- vacuumed the entire apartment including bathrooms, kitchen, utility closet floor and door frame, and in front of and around the washer and dryer in the hallway closet...

- washed, dried, folded and hung up all (ALL) of my laundry except for one load of whites which is still sitting in the dryer needing to be put away...

- cleaned out Jase's side of the closet and dresser, sorting, organizing and weeding out pieces that he never wears...I did my side on saturday and there are two big trash bags of clothes waiting to be sent home to Burks kids...

- Washed all of my dishes and counters every (EVERY) time I cooked or dirtied anything all day....

- straightened up and decluttered our bedroom...

- straightened up the bathrooms...

- went to a much needed chiro appt with my hubby at 5:30...

- went grocery shopping for the next two weeks...

- put away groceries...

I think will sleep well tonight.

Earlier today Jase decided that the only thing that sounded good for his not happy tummy sugar potatos. And try as I might to convince him that it probly wasn't a good idea, he insisted that I give it a try. Lol.

I tried to keep them in nice pretty slices, but as they cooked the slices kept sticking together and the end result was more of a scrambled potato mess.

He took about two bites and pushed them away. :) He claimed that they were almost good, but lacked something. I refused to try them, so I can't honestly say what they may have been needing. Although I can't imagine that anything would make them taste good. Poor Babe...usually he has pretty good ideas. Not sure what happened this time. Lol.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mother-in-law today, and an early Happy Birthday to my awesome Dad tomorrow.

Time to curl up on the couch with the afgahn I've been crocheting and watch me some Cake Boss...

G'night all.