Friday, May 15, 2009

Engagement Pictures

10:47 pm

Last Wednesday, May 6th, we had an engagement photo shoot at the Gillioz Theatre in downtown Springfield. We're a little late getting them but I'm glad we finally did. Here are some of the pics for those of you who do not have a facebook account.

We are finally pretty much moved into our apartment thought not technically living there yet. I've been with Jase and his family for about 2 weeks now. Long story short, what was originally supposed to be a two day visit turned into a 2 weeks visit due to changes in plans and then bad weather moving in and wiping out mom and dad's power. I'm headed back to Fredrock tomorrow night for two last weeks with my family before heading back here the week of the wedding to finish up with last minute preparations. Mom and Jana came for a short visit yesterday and went back home today since our power was restored yesterday afternoon. I was supposed to have gone back with them but at the last minute I just couldn't leave. I know the longer I put off leaving my apartment the harder it will be but I just couldn't do it today, especially since leaving today meant leaving Jase here. So Jase and I will be heading back that way tomorrow night after he gets off of work. I've been hanging out at the apartment unpacking, cleaning, sorting, organizing and messing around on our highspeed during the day while Jase is working. So far I've gotten to see him on every break for the last two weeks. It's been awesome.

I finally have all but my clothes and few other things in my apartment. When I came two weeks ago I brought all of my shower stuff to move in and then most of my furniture was brought by my cousins who were kind enough to haul it over in their trailer since they were headed this way
from our house and had room to bring stuff. Yesterday mom brought my shelf and the rest of my stuff except for what I need to survive for the next two weeks. I have all my elephants out and my kitchen is set up. Mom and dad have loaned us some furniture for the time being until we find what we need. Oddly enough we've encountered the problem of not quite knowing where to put things because we have a bit too much furniture. :D NOT a bad problem to have but definitely a surprising one. I have tons of pics but I seem to be stuck in transitioning them from my camera card to Jase's old computer. As soon as I get that figured out I will update with those also.

22 days to go...