Monday, March 28, 2011

Car Insurance...

Looking for car insurance? I'm directed to, a company that provides affordable car insurance. Their site allows you to instantly compare online quotes from various major insurers, and provides information and quotes for students and at fault drivers including new driver insurance, family policies, high risk auto, student coverage and discount rates.

Check out their providers page for information and quotes on vehicle insurers, policy comparison, auto coverage and competitive rates and find out what they have to offer you.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Computer Bags

I'm directed to a website for Rick Shaw Bags , a small new company based in San Francisco that provides a variety of computer bags.

Among their various different bags are the 11" sleeve for MacBook Air , the 13" sleeve for MacBook Air and a variety of shapes and sizes including their messenger bags, commuter bags, ipad bags and skinny backpacks. Each bag provides a different variety of features ranging from waterbottle pockets to removable laptop sleeve and stowable straps as well as waterproof fabrics and organizational pockets.

For more information about this newly established company check out their story here and browse their blog for news and updates.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yet another topic I don't know much about is mortgages. Since one of our goals in life is to avoid unnecessary debt, such as a house, a mortgage is something we never intend on having to deal with even if that means that we cannot own a home for many more years. is a site that provides information and tips on mortgages as well as average mortgage rate info, a mortgage calculator and quotes for anyone looking into a mortgage. Check out their site to find what you need concerning mortgages and fixed rates.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Puffer Video

We made a trip to wally this evening as soon as Jase got home to get soda, and while we were there we picked up four ghost shrimp to be puffer food. I stuck them the tank and about 20 min later I came back to find the puffer's tummy QUITE full. He had tackled the biggest shrimp. It was almost his size! Now he's hovering arund rather slowly and his tummy is finally starting to smooth out and get smaller as he digests his meal. He so funny looking with a full tummy.

We Have Fish!!...

So last Tuesday I was browsing Craigslist. I didn't really have a good reason to be looking. I didn't have spending money worked into our budget, but I've been wanting to replace our computer desk with something nicer and prettier, so I was checking to get an idea of what I could hope to get out of my desk and see if there was anything I liked listed. There was nothing under furniture, or general so I headed over to household. And I Someone had their 15 gallon set up complete with stand, filter, bubbler, decor and 12 fish listed for $50! I pulled up my bank account and started running numbers to see if I could pull it off. I had an extra $30 stuck in savings and a $20 in my purse that I had not been figuring into our account budget. So I texted the lady. She wrote back saying that I was the 3rd person to contact her and that if I was willing to give her $60 for it I could have it. I told her I couldn't do more than $50 and that I was hoping to surprise my hubby with it. A few seconds later she called me and told me I could have it. Yay!

So I made plans and arranged for it to be picked up. I had no vehicle and no way to get it so my sister-in-law was sweet enough to pick it up for me that evening and then run it across town to me Wednesday morning while Jase at work. I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the tank, treating the water, setting up the decor and adding the fish. I never really wanted fish. I mean, they're cool, but I've always been more of a lizard or dog person. But Jase has been wanting fish FOREVER. 3 of the fish didn't make the trip. I don't know what they were but here's what I had left: Two swordtails, one female (that is prego) and one male, two rosy striped tetras, 3 black tetras, 1 neon tetra, and one tiger barb. The next day, while I was out shopping with Mom Burks, I stopped by Petsmart and bought two tiger barbs and a pleco. That evening we went to Wally and came home with 2 more neon tetras and a spotted green puffer. He's mine. I hand picked him and he's my favorite. I never thought a fish could be cute, but he IS. I researched puffers and read that they are quite interactive and expressive. He's taking a bit to warm up but he's getting better. Supposedly he can eventually be adjusted enough that he'll eat from my hand. For the moment he still runs to the other side of the tank whenever I kneel down to look at him, but he's getting friendlier. I'm gonna have to get him some aquarium salt as he's a brackish water fish and he needs some fiddler crabs and small snails on occasion to keep his beak worn down and to keep him happy. Puffers are carnivorous by nature but he'll eat flakes and shrimp pellets. I bought freeze dried bloodworms and I noticed today for the first time that he had eaten. He was starting to worry me because he wouldn't eat with the rest of the fish, but today his tummy was lumpy and swollen and he looked much happier. Saturday night one of the new tiger barbs started listing pretty badly. We weren't sur what was wrong with him so he seperated him into a bowl and he was dead by the next morning. Fortunately Petsmart has a two week return policy on defective fish. Lol. So on Sunday the poor little guy got replace. So far everyone else seems to be doing ok. Mr. Puffer will NOT stay still long enough to get a nice clear pic. I'll try to get a video of him up soon.

Chicago Remodeling

Someday, the hubby and I would love to build a house. It won't likely happen for a long while yet as we believe it's best to stay debt-free and we'll have to save up and build as we can, but we very much enjoy dreaming and scheming and planning our dream place. We want spacious rooms, hard floors, fire places with stone mantles, a big yard, a pool, etc. And *I* was a luxury kitchen. Huge. Custom. Gorgeous. Kitchen. Dark stained cabinets, granite counters, wood and tiled floors, tile backsplashes, stainless steel appliances, plenty of windows. Oh, yes. I could go on.

If we lived in Illinois and were looking for Chicago Remodeling we might look up A-1PAM, a plastering and remodeling company. If you live in Chicago and are looking for professional help with your remodeling and like the idea of working with a smaller, independant company, look up this site and see if they have anything for you.

Beaches and Vehicles

The last few days have been on the chilly side. Yesterday it snowed ALL day. It was actually pretty neat to enjoy the pretty drifting snowflakes but to not have to worry about anything sticking and making the ground slick. The sun is shining today and I'm thinking wishing it was warm enough to open up my windows and air out the house. Hopefully by thursday I'll be able to do just that.

In the meantime I'm directed to West Palm Beach, Florida and a Hyunai dealer on 2707 Okeechobee Bld.Their site is a good source for anyone looking to buy a new or used Hyundai.

The site provides much useful information for a buyer including a service page for such needs as tune-ups, tire rotations and oil changes. If you're looking for a used vehicle be sure to check out the used car blog.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Insurance

EquiLeads is an online company that provides you with leads for a number of different financial services including insurance leads such as home owner insurance leads, car insurance leads and health insurance leads

They also also provide leads for car loans, loan modification , mortgage leads and credit card services. Click here to review EquiLeads' affiliates.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Online Marketing

My blog is starting to feel like one big long ad. And here's another...

Discount Click is a site that offers SEO services and affordable ad serving. This is most definitley NOT my area of expertise so I'm not at all sure how to to even promote these services.

If you own a business and you need online marketing services check out Discount Click and consider allowing them to help grow your business.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Daniel Moravec

Daniel Moravec or Dan Moravec is a professional poker player who started his career at the age of 18 after learning to play online with his highschool friends. Shortly after graduating college he moved Las Vegas and began playing in low stakes tournaments.

Moravec has a bachelor's degree in Business Marketing and Business Managements and is currently acting as the president of Best Odds Corporation in Las Vegas. More information on this player can be found here and here.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Online Poker School

One of the sports that Jase occasionally enjoys watching on tv is
poker. He also enjoys playing Texas Hold'em and on occasion we'll play with his family when we're over there visiting. It's not a game I really enjoy, but it can be fun to play a game or two with the fam. Though I prefer to just watch them play. It's really the only card game Jase actually likes. is an online professional poker school. When you sign up and pass their initial quiz, they give you $50 for free to start playing with. Apparently,due to current legal restrictions, the only catch is that you cannot live in the USA. No biggie...:P

We're moving...

So I'm a little behind this week on blog upkeep. So much for being determined to keep up with it. I'm very glad today is friday. The days feel so much longer when Jase is gone from 8:30 to 6:30 everyday.

In other news, we're moving at the end of the month. I can't set an actual moving day date until the end of next week when Jase gets out of training and we figure out what his work schedule is going to be. But I'm assuming it will be between the 25 and the 29th. I just barely started my list of moving supplies, change of address notifications and such. I'm so not looking forward to this...