Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday morning...

10:40 a.m.

I'm sitting in Panera with Jase listening to a consulting meeting he is in with some friends that own a website company or something. Today is his day off but they are paying him for his time so we are happy to let them have a few hours. Hopefully this is going to be happening occassionally and we are grateful for the extra income.

We are 6 1/2 weeks away as of today. It feels far away and yet every time I turn around a week has gone by and we are a week closer. Time is going by so fast. Things are coming together well and yet there is so much yet to do. Much of it we are at a standstill with as it's still to early to be purchasing things like food. :D The flowers are purchased but I am still working on arrangements. I have names for cakemakers and photographers and Lord willing those will be settled soon. Today after we are done in Springfield we will be going to the church to measure tables, doorways, the basement, etc for decorating purposes.

This last Sunday we found wedding bands. Today we will be returning mine and looking for something else. I love the ring. It's absolutely beautiful but it simply isn't going to work as a cohesive piece with my engagement ring. And it kind of swallows my finger when I put it on with my engagement ring.It is a band of diamonds and it kind of takes away from my marquis and it's just too much bling for my size hand. The guy at the jewelers said that he could custom make a simple band that will actually fit my engagement ring as I am having trouble finding something that works with it because Jase had it custom made. I think a simple band with no stones is probably the best idea since my stone is pretty impressive by itself. I adore that Jase has such gorgeous taste. He's amazing.

We get the apartment a week from this coming Friday. That makes everything seems really close. We found a mattress a couple of weeks ago and with the pieces of furniture that mom and dad are giving us we're pretty much set.

This last Saturday Shelly and Joanna(Jase's mom and sister) hosted a shower for me at the church. It went really well and I was actually somewhat surprised at the turnout since I know so few people at Bethesda. The gifts were wonderful and I was very thankful to everyone for their generosity.

That same evening Jase took me to the Springfield symphony. It was my first time. I enjoyed it very much despite the fact that I was sooo sleepy after a long crazy day and the beautiful violin solo almost lulled me to sleep. A friend of mine, Brooke Barksdale, and her sister April who had come in from Arkansas for the the shower went with us. It was a great evening.

Yesterday Jo and I spent the day in Springfield shopping. We found gifts for Becca's upcoming personal shower and spent some time walking around the mall oohing, aahing and drooling over Dillards home furnishings and decor. I'm taking Jase back there today to look at several bedding sets and dishes that I found. I'm wanting to pick out a china set also.

We have an upcoming couples shower on May 3rd hosted by mom. It should be lots of fun. For anyone who does not have facebook, doesn't attend Parkland Chapel and unfortunately didn't make it onto my invite list: the shower is from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. Families are invited and we will be serving an afternoon dessert and beverages. For registries visit our site link on our blogspot profile or go to

I'm sleepy. We're sitting in the conference room and I'm observing the decor. I think I like it. Plummy purples, golds and burnt oranges. Somewhat similar to my color scheme for the wedding. Whoever decorated this room has pretty good taste.

Jase and I have been talking color schemes for the apartment. The walls are a pretty, creamy beige. We have two bathrooms, one off the hallway and a masterbathroom. For the hallway bathroom we are doing tans and beiges with sand dollars and dark purple towels and accents. I'm having trouble finding sand dollar decor as it's not a very popular theme at the moment. I like that it's not super common though because even though it makes it a bit harder to find it also means that it will be different. I found paper sand dollar coasters at Tuesday Morning that I am going to frame and use as decor. The few pieces of sand dollar decor that I have found are usually in some sort of aqua setting of somekind. I like aqua but so far I hate all of the shades that accompany sand dollars.:P

The master bathroom will be in wines, reds, chocolates, and gold accents. Some of those colors will probable spill out into the master bedroom.

We haven't decided what the guest bedroom decor will be. I will have a black iron looking day bed but I still have no bedding for it and we haven't decided on colors. Something earthy and sophisticated.

I'm wanting a cafe sort of feel for my kitchen. Blacks,reds, beiges, chromes, and bamboo kitchen items.

I collect elephants. Neat earthy looking elephants. Jase loves fluer de lis. We both love dark woods, deeps browns,golds, earthy colors, greenery, exotic looking plants and bamboo.I can hardly wait to start decorating the apartment.

45 days...<3 <3 <3


Friday, April 3, 2009


12:01 pm

I just wanted to leave a quick note to let our readers know that I switched some settings around on here and now everyone can comment whether they have a blogspot account or not.

I will try to update soon. We have had a busy week. I'm working on some papers for school this weekend which are probly going to take up all my time so I will update as soon as those are out of the way. God bless...